Institute for population and human studies
Kocankovski Saso, Ph.D
047 252 307
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Main research fields:
MA in psychological sciences and his doctoral dissertation is in final phase. He is graduated psychologist and Gestalt therapist. He is also a senior trainer for human and children’s rights education in the Council of Europe.
Lecturer at the Higher Medical School-Bitola since 2004. Assistant in Pedagogical Faculty – Bitola (2000-2007). Psychologist-psychotherapist and superintendent of thedepartment for mental health of children and youth-Bitola. President of the Centre for Human Rights „AMOS“ -Bitola. Author of 4 books and 40 other professional works.
Has been member of the Macedonian Scientific Association - Bitola since 2002, secretary of Department of Social Sciences (2008), and member of supervisory board.