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Институт за изследване на населението и човека

Том 23, Книжка 3 (2020)

Том 23, Книжка 3 (2020)Информация
Том 23, Книжка 3 (2020)Съдържание
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Cognitive ProcessesRelational Thinking is at the Core of the Constructive, Top-Down Processes in HumansGeorgi PETKOV
*Език на статията: Английски
Cognitive ProcessesA Multi-Axial Model of Meta-Emotional Functions in Healthy People Compare to People With Mental Illness. Brief scientific reportKrasen FERDINANDOV
*Език на статията: Английски
Mental HealthIn an ambiguous situation frightening usKatya STOYCHEVA, Kalina POPOVA
*Език на статията: Български
Mental HealthGeneral trends in self-rated subjective health and wellbeing in Bulgarian adolescents: Data from a representative study “Health Behavior in School-aged Children” in 2017/18 and a comparative analysisEvelina BOGDANOVA, Bogdana ALEXANDROVA
*Език на статията: Английски
Mental HealthStrengths and Difficulties Questionnaire – 4-16 years (parental form) - preliminary Results for a Bulgarian Sample of Pupils on the parental dataEvelina BOGDANOVA, Maria ATANASSOVA-TRIFONOVA, Jordanka LALOVA
*Език на статията: Български
Mental HealthPerceived threats and difficulties of mothers of young children during a state of emergency in a COVID-19 pandemicEmanuela PAUNOVA-MARKOVA
*Език на статията: Английски
Mental HealthClinical opportunities of the projective tests in children who have suffered a psycho trauma eventVeronika IVANOVA, Ivan ALEKSANDROV
*Език на статията: Английски